RYA CEVNI Test - Price £25

If you want to travel on the interconnected European inland waterways then you are required to hold the appropriate endorsement to your International Certificate of Competence and this is achieved by taking the RYA CENVI test. (Code Européen des Voises de Navigation Intérieure)

The test evaluates your knowledge of the extensive list of signs and signals along with inland collision regulations. A working understanding of all the rules is essential as many rivers and canals are heavily used by commercial traffic and often room is limited. In the test you will be asked to identify the signs and buoyage of the inland waterways and also to understand the sound signals, lights and shapes that are commonly used. Once you have signed up for your test you will get an opportunity to complete practice questions as many times as you want before starting the real test. 

The RYA CEVNI test is a multiple choice paper which can be done on line. Once you have completed the CEVNI test, you will be told immediately whether you have been successful or not. Follow the on-screen instructions for details of how to get your ICC validated for inland waters.

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Online RYA CEVNI Test

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